In the Faculty of Computing and Informatics, our students are provided with the ability to undertake a research project from the point of problem identification and requirements analysis to solution development/analysis under the guidance of a project supervisor (s).

We build on the knowledge gained from all courses but most especially the research methods course where the output, specifically a proposal is an input for this course. Students also have a chance to work on new problems that they identify at the beginning of the research process.  The student has to demonstrate creativity, a high level of professionalism, and best practices in terms of documentation and software engineering/evaluation standards.

Computing knowledge MUST be applied based on the classroom-knowledge, by developing, for example, an algorithm with specific emphasis on effective processing of data inputs. Some of the areas that guide the formulation of a research topic may include; artificial intelligence, natural language processing, image processing, Security, mobile application development, information systems, artificial intelligence, and data science.

Optionally, to encourage multidisciplinary research, our students/teams can collaborate to bring synergies together. computer science student can work with another from Information Technology, Software Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, e.t.c, and vice-versa.

The research process is concluded by a defense where the top projects are selected to showcase during the Innovations tech summit for Africa. The best projects are then awarded to further their activities into incubation.

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