The PhD Computing by Research enriches the researcher with fundamentals of theoretical Computer Science, software Engineering, Information Systems, Health information Technology, Computer Networks, Algorithms Design and Implementation.

The programme provides knowledge to both people in academic institutions and industrial sector who want to improve their research capabilities to solve real problems in academics, industries and communities. The PhD Computing is enriched with a variety of cross cutting and faculty specific courses that are covered by students.

Programme Duration

PhD studies by research shall last for a minimum of three and maximum five years. A Doctoral student who cannot complete his/her studies within the prescribed time may apply for an initial extension of one academic year.

In many ways, the PhD program is the cornerstone of Computing at Mbarara University of Science and Technology. Our PhD students serve some of the most central roles of our faculty from pursuing sponsored research together with supervising master’s students as Research Assistants, to serving as Teaching Fellows in support of our undergraduate and graduate curriculum

Pursuing the PhD degree in Computing enables you to become an expert in a technical subfield of Computing and advance the state of the art by contributing original research in that discipline.Most PhD students also gain practical experience in the classroom, as well as becoming a visible member of the research community, by publishing research and through oral presentations at conferences and research seminars.

Upon completing your PhD degree, you will be able to set your own research direction, teach and advise students, and work at the forefront of the cutting-edge research in academia or industry.

Staff members in the faculty of computing and Informatics carry out research in the following areas/fields:

  1. Software Engineering and Computer Systems Engineering
  2. Information Systems
  3. Health Information Technology
  4. Algorithmic Design and Modelling
  5. Computer Security
  6. Distributed Systems
  7. Embedded Systems
  8. Computer, Network and Information Security for large distributed Systems
  9. Grid and Cloud Computing
  10. High Performance Computing / parallel computing
  11. Distributed Pervasive Systems/ Ubiquitous Computing: Mobile computing, and Sensor Networks
  12. Artificial Intelligence
  13. Data Science and Machine Learning
  14. Computer Vision and Image processing
  15. Natural Language processing
  16. Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D)
Admission Requirements

To qualify for admission on the program, the candidate should have

  • A good Master’s degree in Computing Fields or a closely related field
  • Any Master’s degree with evidence of acquisition of sufficient advanced knowledge in computering by virtue of research or work.
  • PhD applicant must present research concept paper.
Tuition fees

The PhD in Computing by Research program is a privately sponsored program and therefore before enrollment it is important that tuition fees are payed by the students to the university. Ugandan students will pay tuition fees totaling to Seven Million Shillings (7,000,000 Ug. shs.) per year for Ugandan Students and Fourteen Million Shillings (14,000,000 Ug. shs.) per year for International students.

In addition to that a PhD Student is required to pay One Million Two hundred and seventy thousand shillings (1,20,000 Ug. shs.) as application fees to the University.

The curriculum for PhD in Computing by Research can be accessed by clicking the link here.

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