Dr. Simon Kawuma
Program Cordinator

About PGD Information Systems

This professional PGD IS program focuses on the technical, managerial and policy issues associated with designing, building and maintaining information systems in organizations. Data, information and knowledge are crucial to the modern enterprise, and the PGD IS programme addresses both the theoretical and engineering aspects of specifying, designing, implementing and managing large-scale information systems.

Admission requirements

To qualify for admission, a candidate must fulfil the general Mbarara University of Science and Technology entry requirements for PGD degrees, and in addition the candidate must have:

  1. A degree in Information Systems or Computer Science or software engineering or Information Technology or computer engineering from a recognized University/Institution.
  2. OR Any other Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)-related degree with evidence of having taken acceptable courses in information systems.

Duration and Intake

The PGD. IS is a 1-year modular postgraduate programme consisting of 11 courses including a project concept paper taught/completed in two semesters. The programme minimum intake will be at least 15 students per academic year (commencing every August) in order to break even. The programme will be delivered over the weekend.



2.1     Detailed  Course Name LH PH CH CU
Year One: Se mester One (5 core courses)
PGIS 5101 Advanced Object-Oriented Programming 45 30 60 4
PGIS 5102 ProgrammingModelling and Simulation 30 60 60 4
PGIS 5103 Research Methodology 45 30 60 4
PGIS 5104 Systems Analysis and Design 30 60 60 4
PGIS 5105 Web- based information systems 45 30 60 4
Total Credit  Units 20
Year One: Se mester Two
Mandatory Co urses (5 core courses)
PGIS 5206 Business Process Management 30 60 60 4
PGIS 5207 Information systems security 45 30 60 4
PGIS 5208 Data mining and process mining 30 60 60 4
PGIS 5209 Information retrieval 45 30 60 4
PGIS 5210 Mentored Research Graduation Project 30 60 60 4
Optional Cour ses (1 optional course)
PGIS 5211 Health           informatics      modelling,           strategy, 30 60 60 4
PGIS 5212 XML and Web services 30 60 60 4
PGIS 5213 Geographical information systems 30 60 60 4
PGIS 5214 ICT for Development 45 30 60 4
Total Credit  Units 24

The programme is privately funded through students’ payment of fees and related charges. Therefore before enrollment, it is important that tuition fees are paid by the students to the university. Ugandan students will pay tuition fees totaling to 4,885,750/= (four Million and Eight Hundred eighty eight hundred, five thousand, seven hundred, and fifty shillings only per year.

Foreign students will pay fees at an international rate per the university requirement.

Revenue Description Unit Cost
Application fees                   52,750
Registration fees                 100,000
Tuition fees             3,500,000
Administration fees                 150,000
Examination fees                 200,000
Library fees                 100,000
Laboratory fees                 300,000
Guild/Sports/identity Card                   63,000
Book Bank fees                 200,000
Medical capitation                   50,000
Field supervision                 100,000
IT                   50,000
NCHE                   20,000
Total             4,885,750 

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