Tezira Wanyana

Tezira Wanyana

Assistant Lecturer

Tezira is an Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Computing and Informatics in the department of Computer Science. She is currently pursuing her PhD at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in the Adaptive and Cognitive systems (ACS) Laboratory under the Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research (CAIR).  She is an HPI (Hasso Plattner Institute ) at UCT fellow and she was recently awarded the Microsoft Research PhD fellowship.

Her broad research interests are in artificial intelligence (AI) specifically in intelligent systems, hybrid intelligence and adaptive and cognitive systems. She is interested in applying different AI techniques i.e. the data driven and knowledge driven AI techniques in the design of architectures for intelligent systems. She is also interested in the application of AI in improving health outcomes in Sub- Saharan Africa as well as intelligent systems for sustainable production and consumption.



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Our paper on “Combining Machine Learning and Bayesian Networks for ECG interpretation and explanation.” [1] was nominated as a candidate to win the ICT4AWE 2022 best student paper award.