Martin Ngobye

Martin Ngobye


Area of Research Interests Data Science Research and Informatics Application of Data mining techniques in analyzing text and historical data in Public health care facilities in Uganda. The idea is to explore patterns in this data using efficient machine learning algorithms to predict incidence and be able to avert wide spread of diseases especially in rural areas. Social computing, predictive analytics and computational analyses of diseases incidence especially in infants.

2016 – PhD (CAND): PhD Candidate in Computer Science; Makerere University, Uganda.

2002 -2005: MSc Computer Science- Hunan University, China

Modules covered include among others: Computer networks, Digital signal processing, Advanced Object oriented programming, Distributed Operating Systems, Database technology, Intelligent networks, Computer graphics Computer Architecture and Digital Circuit testing.
1999-2000: Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science – Makerere University
Subjects done include: Microcomputer Applications, Programming methodology, Operating systems, Computer Architecture, Networking, Management Information systems, System Analysis and design, Database Management Systems, Software Engineering among others.

1995-1999: Bachelor of Science with Education, Makerere University
(Physics and Mathematics)

• Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
• Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)
• Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)
• Professional mathematics and physics instructor
• Software engineer researcher especially in the field of Software testing.
• Microsoft products solutions developer.
• Website designer.

 A slicing Tool for testing Java programs done as my Msc. Project implementation.
 Designed a payroll System for St Mary’s Nkozi.
 Developed Curriculum in MUST and Kampala University.
 Involved in developing ARIS software for Mbarara University.
 Reviewed Curriculum for Institute of Computer Science, Mbarara University
 Trained staff of MUST on e-management and e-records management system.
 Spearheaded the Introduction of Microsoft training Academy at MUST

2007 – to date: Lecturer, Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST)
2006 – 2007: Ag. Dean and Lecturer in the School of Computer Science and IT, Kampala University (KU)
2005 – 2006: Assistant Lecturer, Makerere University Faculty of Computing and IT- department of Information Technology.
2004- 2005: Offered a years IT trainee as my practicals in e-think company in Changsha, China.
2000-2002: Supervisor of the IT lab in Greenhill holdings. Also executed my professional duties as a physics instructor
1992 -2000: Worked as a research assistant in Fisheries Research Institute in The water hyacinth project.

 Ag. Head Post Graduate research department-MUST
 To oversee the development and implementation of the research department in MUST.
 Arrange for the acquisition of laboratory equipment (KU).
 Formulate new courses in the department on approval of senate (MUST).
 In charge of training trainers in e learning (MUST).
 Organize for training of University staff in IT related applications packages (KU).
 Lectured the following courses: Discrete Maths, Securing operating systems, Software Engineering, Programming methodology, Decision support systems, distributed computing, System administration, Computer architecture among many others.
 Supervised both postgraduate and undergraduate students in Makerere, MUST and Kampala University respectively.

 Developed a tool to slice Java and other object-oriented programs to ease software modification, testing, debugging, and maintenance.
 Designed an electronic payroll for St Mary’s, Nkozi.
 Instructor on e- Learning programs
 Proficient at the Internet and email.
 Programming(C, Java, C#, PHP, HTML, XHTML)
 Databases (Oracle, Access, SQL2000, MySQL, Sybase, Dbase II &IV)
 Windows (98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 2007, 2008, 2003 Server, and Exchange Servers)
 MS Office Packages (Word, Access, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Project and Publisher)
 Multimedia Design Software Usage (Fireworks MX, Director 8.5, Dreamweaver 9.0, Flash MX)

 Martin. A. N “Computing a static slice for java programs” Computing Technology and Automation Journal ISSN 1003 – 6199 2005(3) July 2005.
 Narcis T.Rwangoga., Martin N., “The Future of Intelligent Networks in Developing Countries” International Journal of computing and ICT research. ISSN 1818-1139, September 2005.
 Martin.N, Wouter T. de Groot, Theo van der Weide. “Types and priorities of multi agent system interaction”: Submitted to a journal, Journal Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems; INDECS 8(1). ISSN 1334-4676.
 Martin.N, Kanagwa. B, Wouter T. de Groot, Theo van der Weide, “An Approach for Agent-Based Modeling Using AiC+” Submitted to a conference, in Freiburg, Germany 2010:
 Martin. N, Kanagwa. B, “The Socially embedded multi-agent system Architecture” Submitted to IJCIR 2012.
 Martin. N “Raising the drive into scientific research among staff of Mbarara University.” Submitted to the ICT Journal of Mbarara University 2013.

 Annual Research Dissemination Conference,” Strengthening research in universities for sustainable growth and development”, Mbarara University of Science and Technology, 26th – 27th October 2006.
 Annual International Conference on sustainable ICT capacity in developing countries, “Strengthening Research Networks in developing countries”, Makerere University 6th- 9th August 2006.
 “Enhanced Basic Principles of Decentralization”, Uganda Management Institute, Kampala Uganda, 24th – 28th April 2006.
 Writing Scientific English, Maastricht Language Centre, The Netherlands April 2009.
 Research Methods and Methodology for Information knowledge Systems, Utrecht, The Netherlands. November 2009.
 Annual International Conference on Computing and ICT Research (ICCIR) 2012, at Protea Hotel Kampala, 5th – 7th August 2012.

 9th Annual Research Dissemination Conference,” Innovative Research for Sustainable Development”, Mbarara University of Science and Technology, 14th November 2013 at Lake View Resort Hotel.

Formal Methods in Software Engineering, Xml and Web Services, Mobile Programming, Computer Architecture and Organisation, Programming Methodology, Distributed Systems, Software Engineering, Computer Systems, Web Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Decision Support Systems, among others.

1. Dr. John Ngubiri, Research&Innovations Coordinator, College of Computing and Information Science, Makerere University, P. O. Box 7062 Kampala, Uganda. Tel: 256 776 543 466. Email:

2. Dr. Jude Lubega, Head of Information Technology Department, School of Computing and Informatics Technology, Makerere University, P. O. Box 7062 Kampala, Uganda.
Mob Tel: 256 774 600 884. Email:

3. Dr. Evarist Nabaasa, Dean, Faculty of Computing & Informatics, Mbarara University of Science and Technology. P. O. Box 1410 Mbarara. Tel: 25677198724.