Dr Fred Kaggwa

At the faculty, Quality Assurance avails monitoring and evaluation and other services to the institutions like providing; information on what an intervention is doing, how well it is performing and whether it is achieving its aims and objectives; guidance on future intervention activities; an important part of accountability to funding agencies and stakeholders. Monitoring is a regular collection of information about all Faculty activities. It shows whether things are going on as per plan and helps departmental, Faculty Deans, and other stake holders like; students, lecturers and other administrators, to identify and solve problems quickly. At FCI, the QA domain keeps track of all activities, facilities/resources, behavior, and performance such as: staff & student conduct, staff & student attendance and performance, staff & student research, grant writing, LMS usage, examination moderation and supervision monitoring, industrial training, programme development and reviews, course conduction and governance, status of facilities of convenience such as toilets, library status, mentorship programs and all support services to both staff and students.

Quality Assurance at the Faculty of Computing and Informatics

The FCI QA Committee composition

QA team at the Faculty is composed of 3 the heads of departments, 1-member representative at each department, 3 heads of units, a representative from the Dean’s Office (Faculty Administration), and the Chairperson; Making it a total of 11 members.

The committee generates reports on a quarterly basis which are submitted to the Faculty Administrator as well as University Wide Quality assurance office for review.