As the technology continues to be the driving force in the world’s economy, there is need to identify that for maximum impact, some technology innovations and solutions need to be tailored to the target population. Although some of these innovations and solutions can cut across continents, there are some that need to be customized or redesigned to be useful to Africa as a continent. Many technology innovations like Mobile Money, Jumia, Mpesa, Ushahidi that have been designed to counter challenges faced by the African people have been very successful. These provide justifications to foster and promote the idea of Africa grown and/ or targeted Innovations and Technology to solve African challenges.


The main aim of this event is to create more awareness on emerging technologies and bringing ICT solutions and opportunities closer to the citizens of Africa while showcasing the potential and value addition that can be generated from the use and application of ICT as a tool towards socio-economic transformation.


  • To provide information on developments, achievements and the future of the ICT sector for Africa.
  • To provide exposure for the ICT solutions which have the potential to transform the continent’s economy.
  • To demonstrate and promote indigenous ICT market, expertise, know-how and export potential.
  • To evaluate ICT literacy, career development and accessibility to ICT solutions among people and enterprises
  • To discuss the cyber security challenges that have been an area of discussion and how to manage the emerging challenges posed by internet-use by young people



Date: 3rd and 4th May 2019

For more information contact Persons below

  Tushabe RonardITS4A Organizing Committee ChairSystems Support -Academic Information Management System (AIMS)Mbarara University of Science and,Tel:256789000492/+256705909760
  Mr. Denis LukaayaPublic Relations OfficerITS4A Organizing Team Member,Mbarara University of Science and TechnologyEmail:, Tel +256772662062/+256702273348
  Dr. Anitta Patience Namanya (PhD),ITS4A Coordinator,Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology,Ankole Western University,P.O Box 112, Sheema, Uganda.Email: /
  Kimera Richard,ITS4A Coordinator,Lecturer, Faculty of Computing and Informatics,Head: Software Incubations and Innovations,Founder: GetAplot events management applicationMbarara University of Science and TechnologyEmail: / kimrichies@gmail.comPhone: +256 701 437989 / +256 774 437989
  Dr.Angella Musiimenta (PhD)ITS4A Coordinator,Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Computing and InformaticsMbarara University of Science and TechnologyEmail:, Tel: +256776820598
6. Dr. Evarist NabaasaITS4A Coordinator,Dean Faculty of computing and InformaticsMbarara University of Science and, Tel: +256702198724
7. Dr.Fred KaggwaITS4A Coordinator,Senior Lecturer, Faculty of computing and informaticsHead Computer Security Research groupMbarara University of Science and, Tel: +256712486507
8. Mwavu RogersITS4A Coordinator,Lecturer, Faculty of computing and informaticsCoordinator: Research and Innovations (Information Technology)Mbarara University of Science and, Tel: +256773426328 / +256700497421

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