Dr. Musimenta Angella Wins

The award is granted by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research in recognition of Dr. Musiimenta’s track record of outstanding research in using patient-centred technology-assisted interventions for improving the health of Ugandans. Using this award, MUST, in collaboration with Humboldt University will implement a 2-year project (MatHealth) that will build on the PhD work of Ms. Jane Katusiime to develop, implement and evaluate a secure maternal health mobile application composed of video and audio messages, and tailored to the needs of rural illiterate pregnant women in Uganda.

Although Uganda had previously registered a decline in maternal mortality rate, recent statistics from the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood show that currently, 17 women in Uganda die every day due to preventable maternal related complications. For every maternal death in Uganda, at least six women survive with chronic and debilitating ill health. Being pregnant in Uganda is nowadays believed to be ‘putting one leg in the grave’ as the chances of being alive after delivery are much lower than in many other regions of the world. Many women especially those from rural areas still lack reliable maternal health information—they mainly rely on information from their peers which is mixed with cultural taboos, and is not often not accurate since pregnancy treats each woman differently. The MatHealth project aims to fill this information gap.

The MatHealth project will also provide two Masters scholarships in health informatics tenable at MUST and Humboldt University.

The project scientific team members include:

Dr. Angella Musiimenta (PI, MUST: award winner)

Prof. Dr. Niels Pinkwart (PI, Humboldt University)

Dr. Godfrey Mugyenyi (Co-PI, MUST)

Ms. Jane Katusiime (Co-PI, MUST)

Mr. Wilson Tumuhimbise (RA, MUST)