Faculty Administrator

Faculty Admin

Kate Ntamuhanga Imanirampa

Tel:  075-2-810610/ 070-1-810610/ 0782679368

Email:  kimanirampa@must.ac.ug/ imanirampakate@gmail.com

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I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those that have been involved in the development of the FCI Website.  This wonderful website will be a platform for all of us to share a series of events both present and future.  It will also go along way in enhancing the courage to gather news and other activities to update our website.

FCI aims at being a centre of multi-disciplinary training and research and also transforming new knowledge into practical solutions that solve community problems.  The Faculty has a number of academic activities ranging from teaching, assessing, supervision of students, research and publications.  FCI is glad to report that a number of research grants have been won and  research is ongoing.

We have a Quality Assurance in place which domain activity keeps track of activities, facilities, behavior, and performance Faculty academic activities as well as mentorship programs and support services to staff and students.  The Faculty has a team of qualified and committed staff which is composed of: 4 Senior Lecturer, 14 Lecturers, 12 Assistant Lecturers and 3 Teaching Assistants whose performance is enhanced by the support of some administrative staff.

The Faculty runs both post and undergraduate programs.  The PhD program is for 3 academic years while Masters programs are for 2 Academic Years duration.  The Faculty as well conducts short courses where:

  • Training of the UPDF/Police/Prisons is done annually to help the officers acquire basic computer skills. Currently the training is ongoing.
  • All the courses Certificate in Computer Applications (CCA) CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Information Technology Essentials (ITE) have been running smoothly.

This programme is progressing smoothly and the Faculty is glad to mention that it is a good catch as an Income Generating Project, considering that it brings income to the University.   The short course students enrollment has been:

Senate has already approved a number of curricula for other Planned Postgraduate and undergraduate programs for the Faculty.  These are awaiting approval by other higher committees.

  • Masters in Business Informatics (MBI)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Information Systems (PGDIS)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business Informatics (PGDBI)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Health Information Technology (PGDHIT)
  • Software Engineering
  • Diploma in Systems Security

Besides, the faculty members of staff are as well actively involved in other co-curricular activities such as games and sports.

As a Faculty we are a wonderful team which works as one family both academically and socially.  There is good solidarity among the staff.

Conclusively, I congratulate you all upon the commitment and hard work you put in to ensure the students are achieving what brought them at MUST.  Nothing cannot be achieved without hard work and team work.  Together we shall move the Faculty to greater heights.  Be confident to face up for any task and abilities will come your way as you try to make it.  The secret to achieve what you want is to believe you can make it.  Let all of us have a principle which is a key to protect your vision and a plan to stay on track.  Self-faith and confidence in us cures all our mistakes and make most of our capabilities.   Always pray because that is the source of vision and wisdom. This is what has moved the Faculty to greater heights.

Succeed we MUST